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  1. Correct sun damage (actinic degeneration)
  2. Flatten mild scarring
  3. Remove rhytides (wrinkles)
  4. Improve irregular hyperpigmentation

The mild and moderate peels are called freshening peels because they improve the quality of the skin without altering its normal architecture. The ability of the skin to tan again and return to the same color after peeling or sunlight exposure is unchanged.

With deeper peels usually involving high percentage TCA (trichloroacetic acid) or phenol, the color of the skin can lighten after peeling and may not even tan again; instead, it may freckle.


  1. Chemical peels cannot change pore size, if anything, they might increase pore size temporarily
  2. Chemical peels cannot improve lax skin; removal of fine wrinkling and cross-hatching may not make any difference if there is profound lax skin that needs a face-lift.
  3. Chemical peels cannot improve deep scarring. Dermabrasion, laser treatments, punch grafting, punch elevation, or excision of scarring is much more effective.
  4. Chemical peels cannot always totally remove hyperpigmentation in skin types 4-6 (darker skin tones) and may not be indicated.
  5. Chemical peels cannot remove broken blood vessels on the face

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