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DioLite™ 532 laser treatment is a procedure usually performed for the purpose of removing vascular or benign pigmented blemishes. The DioLite™ 532 laser emits an intense beam of laser light which is selectively absorbed by abnormally large vessels or abnormally pigmented blemishes. The absorption in both cases is done so precisely that surrounding tissue is minimally affected. Immediately following the treatment the areas treated will be surrounded by a red flush which will resolve over 4 hours to 2 days. Most vessels will disappear during the treatment. Some larger vessels may only be reduced in size. Pigmented spots treated will turn darker during treatment and will remain visible until the superficial crusts, which form only over the treated spots, fall off naturally 5 to 15 days after the treatment. These areas may look slightly pink for an additional few days. Areas treated for abnormal vessels may also form a linear scaly surface crust over the vessels treated. These will fall off by themselves a few days after treatment. The treated area will be coated with a cooling gel or ice and calming serum following the procedure. Repeat treatments, if necessary, will normally be separated by at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Complications from DioLite™ 532 laser treatment are very uncommon but sometimes they occur. Several treatments may be necessary before adequate results can be obtained. Because of these facts, your doctor can make no guarantee as to the result that might be obtained by this procedure.

Some of the possible complications of DioLite™ 532 laser treatments are:

  • Pain. Most people feel some discomfort during treatment. Topical or local anesthetic may be used to minimize discomfort during the treatment. Most patients tolerate the treatment without anesthetic.
  • Wound Healing. The DioLite™ 532 laser causes a disruption to the skin that takes several days to heal. The superficial injury of the outer layer skin may result in swelling or crusting over the treated area. Once the surface has healed, it may become sensitive to the sun for another two to twelve weeks.
  • Pigment Changes. The treated area may heal with increased or decreased pigmentation. This occurs most often in darker pigmented skin and following exposure of the area to the sun. It is recommended to protect yourself from any sun exposure for 3 months following treatment. If increased pigmentation occurs, it usually fades in 3 to 6 months; however, pigment changes can be permanent.
  • Scarring. There is a small chance of scarring including hypertrophic scars or very rarely, keloid scars. Keloid scars are raised scar formations. To minimize chances of scarring, it is important that you follow all postoperative instructions carefully. It is important that any prior history of unfavorable healing be reported.
  • Eye Exposure. There is a risk of harmful eye exposure during laser surgery. Safe guards have been provided. It is important that you keep your eyes closed and have protective eye wear on at all times during laser treatment.
  • Other Risks include infection, skin depressions, pain, discoloration, ulceration, change in texture of the skin in areas treated, prolonged sensitivity, chronic pain or itchiness and unsatisfactory or inadequate improvement.
  • Alternatives. There are alternatives to this procedure available to you such as: accepting your present skin condition, using cosmetics and considering surgery.

I agree that pre- & post-operative clinical photographs and videos may be taken to monitor my treatment progress and for patient educational purposes. I understand that my identity will be protected.

I certify that I have read and understand the contents of this consent form. I have been given the opportunity to ask the doctor/staff any questions that I have about the procedure, and all of my questions have been answered. The doctor/staff has explained the procedure and its alternatives to me, and I both understand and accept the risks involved in this procedure.

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