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Tough coaching on how to treat and avoid exercise-related skin conditions
Exercise is an enormous part of our overall good health, and there is a fitness routine for everyone, from swimming a smooth freestyle to kick boxing to power yoga.  But alongside the healthy glow, your gym or pool routine may bring some unwanted skin conditions.

Plantar warts (foot warts)
Warts are small, hard, benign growths caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Warts on the soles of the feet, heels and toes known as plantar warts, commonly have a black dot in the middle, surrounded by a hard, white area. Warts may grow back into the skin because of weight pushing on the sole of the foot – and because of this, they can be painful. Warm, moist environments like locker room showers and swimming pools and decks attract HPV, which can then enter the body through cracks in the feet.

Treat Plantar Warts
Though Plantar Warts can’t be cured and may return in the same site or a different area on the foot a variety of methods exist to treat and contain them.

Salicylic acid:  An at-home treatment, salicylic acid may be applied in a gel, liquid or plaster form. It is applied daily, always after the wart has been soaked in warm water.  The treatment is not painful. 

Cryotherapy (freezing)
In this common treatment, a very cold liquid, possibly nitrogen, is sprayed onto the wart, freezing and destroying the cells.  After a day or two, a blister develops, then within a week, the blister will scab and fall off. Cryotherapy may require multiple treatments over the course of number of weeks and may be slightly painful (a local anesthetic is sometimes used)

If salicylic acid or freezing do not work, we may use a treatment called Cantharidin. 

Referred to as “Beetle Juice” Canthradin is made from a substance produced by the blister beetle.   When applied to the skin, Canthradin causes a blister to form under the wart, lifting the wart off the skin.  Later the wart is removed, along with the dried, blistered skin.

Prevent plantar warts:
Plantar warts can be avoided by maintaining clean, dry feet:

  • Wear swim shoes, flip-flops or other waterproof footwear on the pool deck and in locker/shower areas.
  • Soap and rinse feet thoroughly when showering post swim.
  • Dry feet completely before dressing
  • Wear clean shoes and dry socks.

* Children are just as susceptible to plantar warts and should follow the same practices.

Read More about plantar warts.





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