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Unna Boots are applied to help heal legs ulcers in the setting of swelling or edema. Although Unna Boots will control leg swelling, it is advised to keep legs elevated when possible.

Do not get the Unna boot wet. Keep the skin clean and dry.

A sponge bath may be adequate for hygiene. However, if a shower is desired, then use a plastic bag to completely wrap and dress the boot. Tape the plastic to the skin above and below the boot, keeping it dry. If a tub bath is desired, then dangle the limb with the Unna boot on the side of the tub, out of the water.

Remember, some drainage from the Unna boot dressing is expected. Don’t be alarmed if the soiled dressing has an unpleasant odor to it. This is normal. It happens because the drainage from the wound dries to the dressing.

Don’t hesitate to contact the office for further assistance.

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